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Francisco Navarro Henríquez

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Francisco Navarro Henríquez, a BS in Electronic Engineering at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, in 1991. Graduated from the Masters program in Computer Science, emphasis Artificial Intelligence Institute of Technology of Costa Rica in 1997. He received a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Spanish American University in 2002.

In the period covered from 1993 to early 2006, was linked with the private sector, mainly in the steel industry, developing their professional expertise in the areas of Engineering Design, Automation Control Systems, Installation and commissioning of various production processes related to the manufacture of steel products for construction.

Among its major projects include: a) System Drive with Variable Speed Control (AC / DC drives), to coordinate simultaneous application of constant torque and speed regulation of 13 Units Drive, in the range of 15 to 45kW. b) Automation and Installation of Furnace-oxidant No Direct Fired with LP Gas burners. (The Electric Furnace Co., USA). c) Automation Control System using Fuzzy Logic for the measurement of zinc coating (Valmet Automation Co., Canada). d) Installation and commissioning of High Frequency Generator 145/120 RGI. AEG OEM Elotherm for forming machine welded steel pipe Electromagnetic. e) Automated temperature control system and combustion with LPG burners for 60TM tank of molten zinc. f) Automated system for the voltage level for the mechanical properties of flat steel (Redex Inc., French).

It has also been involved in developing projects for Continuous Improvement of production processes, being certified auditor System Quality Management, ISO 9001:2000 and Statistical Process Analysis, using the DMAIC methodology, including group leader " Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB).

Mr. Navarro has remained connected to the academic and teaching work since 1990, and its areas of interest Automation Control Systems, Mechatronics and Statistical Process Control productive.

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