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Differences between Computer Science, Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering

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Generally tends to confused her what is Computer Engineering, Computer and Electronics in working in related areas, are yet so different.

Electronic engineering comprises the physical basis of the other two and more. This race entered into the design of electronic devices, digital and analog, which are used not only in computational processes, but in electrical communications, power systems, control and automation, etc.. In this way, are tasks of an engineer in electronics:

  • Design and verification of electronic circuits,
  • Design of electrical communications,
  • Design of power electronics,
  • Design and automation control systems,
  • Design and verification of digital systems

Computer Science focuses on the computational processes themselves, including:

  • Analysis of systems, ie sets of programs with a specific purpose,
  • System design software
  • Implementation of the designs
  • Coordination of developers,
  • Scheduling optimizations
  • Design and management Databases
  • Quality of software production process

Finally, computer engineering is responsible for the design, validation and verification of the devices on which computational processes are performed, and the software needed to successfully operate such devices, covering such tasks as:

  • Design and verification of computer hardware,
  • Design and verification of software for specific hardware
  • Project management of hardware and software
  • Design of embedded systems and networked systems
  • Software design and engineering sciences

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