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Electronics Engineering School

Study Plan

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(*)General Mathematics
S1Introduction to Technic, Science and TechnologyIntroduction to Computer ProgrammingLab for ProgrammingCultural Activity ISport Activity IChemistry IChemistryLab IDiscreteStructuresDifferential and Integral Calculus
C18H29CS-1502 C1 H2CE-1101 C3 H4CE-1102 C2 H4SE-1100 C0 H2SE-1200 C0 H2QU-1106 C3 H4QU-1102 C1 H2EM-1601 C4 H4MA-1102 C4 H4
S2Tecnical CommunicationAlgorithm and Data Estructures IHumanistic Formation CenterCultural or Sport ActivityChemistryLab IIChemistry IIPhysics IPhysics Lab ILinear Algebra and Calculus
C18H28CI-1403 C2 H4CE-1103 C4 H4FH-1000 C0 H2SE-1400 C0 H2QU-1104 C1 H2QU-1107 C3 H4FI-1101 C3 C4FI-1201 C1 H2MA-1103 C4 H4
S3Human DevelopmentAlgorithm and Data Estructures II  DC Circuit Analysis Physics IIPhysics Lab IIAdvanced Calculus
C18H21CS-2101 C2 H3CE-2103 C4 H4  EL-2113 C4 H4 FI-1102 C3 C4FI-1202 C1 H2MA-2104 C4 H4
S4   Electric Circuits LabAC Circuit AnalysisElectronic DevicesPhysics III Differential Equations
C16H18   CE-2201 C1 H2EL-2114 C4 H4EL-2207 C4 H4FI-2103 C3 C4 MA-2105 C4 H4
S5Specialized EnglishLenguages, Compilers and InterpretersLogic DesignElectronic Devices Lab DiscreteCircuitsPhysics IV  
C18H22CI-32XX C2 H4CE-3104 C4 H4EL-3307 C4 H4EL-2206 C1 H2 EL-3212 C4 H4FI-2104 C3 C4  
S6 DatabasesDigital System DesignDigital Design Lab Linear Integrated Circuits  Numerical Analysis for Engineers
C18H20 CE-3101 C4 H4EL-3310 C4 H4CE-3201 C2 H4 EL-3213 C4 H4  CE-3102 C4 H4
S7Seminar on Philosophy and History StudiesSoftware Design and SpecificationComputer Architecture IAnalog Design Lab  Signals and Systems Probability and Statistics
C17H20CS-3401 C2 H3CE-4101 C4 H4CE-4301 C4 H4CE-4202 C2 H4  EL-4701 C4 H4 EL-4702 C3 H4
S8 Priciples of Operating SystemsComputer Architecture II Development of Entrepreneurs Elective CE 1  
C18H19 CE-4303 C4 H4CE-4302 C4 H4 AE-4208 C4 H4 CE-4501 C4 H4  
S9 Computer NetworksProject ManagementComputer Egineering Design Project  Elective CE 2Elective CE 3 
C18H20 CE-5301 C4 H4CE-5401 C3 H4CE-5302 C3 H4  CE-5501 C4 H4CE-5502 C4 H4 
S10Seminar on Costarican Studies  Final Graduation Project     
C12H23CS-4202 C2 H3  CE-5600 C10     


(*)Computer Engineering and General Mathematics

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