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It is a school policy to maintain good relations with industry.

- Offer the possibility of taking industry the students enrolled in Final Draft, which possess the knowledge and responsibility required activity, developing research projects.

- To offer students the opportunity to come into contact with real work experience through the development of project design.

- Provide the opportunity for academic staff to maintain contact with industry and local market.

-Maintain a structural link between universities and companies for their mutual benefit as aid in solving specific problems, together with grants and loans of equipment, update courses for engineers and staff of member companies and provide specialized courses .

- Maintain and excellent image presentation on the market for the benefit of the school, and particularly for students and graduates.

- Comply with the commitment to be useful to Costa Rican society.

It is with this purpose that the School over the course of Final Draft held on average 60 projects per year with many companies in the country. Direct contact is maintained with companies like Intel, which have received large donations, collaborations and courses. There have also been important contacts with other national and foreign companies as Motorola, ICE, Elvatron, Siemmens, Cisco Systems, etc. which have contributed with donations of books, conferences, short courses and other recommendations.

It is important to note that the Final Project has a duration of 16 weeks, during which it seeks a practical solution to a problem. To meet this activity, students prepare a preliminary draft of a semester early and present it to a member of the School for approval. Dependability is essential for the project ejecution this for the reward of proper completion and job well done, and the prestige for the student of the school. This project is intensive engineering design.

The following are some of the companies in which Final Draft has been developed in previous years:

  • Laboratorios ABBOT
  • A.I.L de Centroamérica
  • Acumuladores Industriales S.A
  • AEC Electrónica
  • ATLAS Electrica S.A
  • Automatización Industrial de C.A
  • Azucarera El Viejo
  • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
  • Banco Crédito Agrícola de Cartago
  • BAXTER Healthcare S.A
  • Bridgestone Firestone de Costa Rica S.A
  • Instituto Costarricense de Energía

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